Three-dimensional tissue fabrication.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Adv Drug Deliv Rev, Volume 56, Issue 11, p.1635-47 (2004)


Biocompatible Materials, Hydrogels, Imaging, Three-Dimensional, Tissue Engineering


<p>In recent years, advances in fabrication technologies have brought a new dimension to the field of tissue engineering. Using manufacturing-based methods and hydrogel chemistries, researchers have been able to fabricate tissue engineering scaffolds with complex 3-D architectures and customized chemistries that mimic the in vivo tissue environment. These techniques may be useful in developing therapies for replacing lost tissue function, as in vitro models of living tissue, and also for further enabling fundamental studies of structure/function relationships in three dimensional contexts. Here, we present an overview of 3-D tissue fabrication techniques based on methods for: scaffold fabrication, cellular assembly, and hybrid hydrogel/cell methods and review their potential utility for tissue engineering.</p>