Bhatia lab postdoc, Jiang He, brings home another ’30 under 30’ award to our home at the Koch Institute

January 6, 2017

Also highlighted at MIT News, Dr. Jiang He is one of at least 30 MIT-affiliated young scientists to be named to Forbes’ annual ’30 under 30’ list. Selected in the Healthcare category, Jiang was recognized in part for research conducted during his PhD at Harvard. A member of the Bhatia lab (LMRT) in the Koch Institute at MIT for the last year, Jiang currently works on a variety of healthcare-related projects, with a focus on research at the interface of cell biology, single-molecule imaging and human parasitic diseases. He is currently applying high-resolution imaging to study liver stage infection of malaria, as well as developing novel approaches for drug delivery.


Notably, the Bhatia lab is not new to having lab members recognized on this high-profile list. Just last year, PhD student Arnav Chhabra (also a KI member), was picked in the Science category.


Congrats to both Bhatia lab members!