Capturing the Beauty of Science

August 20, 2019

Science and art are more similar than they are different. Both require refined skills, ingenuity, and the desire to leave the world a little different than how you found it. In recent years, the artistic community has recognized this, with Wyss Institute work being featured in exhibits at Cooper Hewitt, MoMA, and the Barbican Centre. To further recognize this connection and to celebrate World Photography Day, the Wyss Institute held a community photo contest and members of the Wyss community answered the call in droves to “show their science.” 


Luba Perry, postdoctoral fellow at the Chen and Bhatia labs, won the contest with her image "Engraftment and vascularization of 3D engineered liver 14 days post-transplantation into mice." The mice were injected with mCD31 to stain the host vessel network, and TRITC-dextran to observe perfusion.


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