Dr. Bhatia has won a 2015 Heinz Award for her work in establishing a model liver, creating simple and affordable cancer tools, and encouraging women's involvement in STEM fields

April 23, 2015

Dr. Bhatia is one of six recipients of the 20th Heinz Awards. The accolades honor the memory of the late U.S. Senator John Heinz by recognizing those who have made outstanding contributions in one of five critically important categories: Arts and Humanities; Environment; Human Condition; Public Policy; and Technology, the Economy and Employment.


Teresa Heinz, chairman of the Heinz Family Foundation, described Dr. Bhatia as “a quintessential problem-solver who combines her curiosity and amazing scientific expertise with a deep concern for others to push forward the frontiers of medical science. A passion to solve problems affecting human health lies at the core of her innovative work, but she extends that same passion into her efforts to bring more women into STEM-related fields." She emphasized Dr. Bhatia's role in encouraging the involvement by women in STEM fields, saying "by definition she is a role model for young women who might want to follow in her path, but in her quest for practical solutions to major challenges she is really a role model for us all.”


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