Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia awarded as top Global Indian by Vogue Magazine

January 23, 2019

Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia was recently highlighted in Vogue Magazine's Global Indians special feature in the January issue


Sangeeta Bhatia, Glympse Bio Founder, MIT Professor & Diversity Advocate, Boston
written by Neharika Manjani


Before she found her calling at MIT, Boston-based
Sangeeta Bhatia worked the watch counter in a
department store, the dressing room in a clothing
store and even taught step aerobics for a free gym
membership. “I had a long line of unglamorous jobs
before I found my passion at 30,” says Bhatia. Now, the
mother to two girls is the founder of a biotech start-up
that focuses on the use of nanotechnology to detect
diseases and deftly juggles two roles at MIT (she’s a
professor and diversity advocate), all while raising style
stakes—stilettos are a staple. “The students joke that they
can hear me coming,” she says. The ardent multitasker,
whose parents immigrated from India to the US over fi ve
decades ago, turns to social media to stay in touch with
her scattered family. “My husband is also originally from
India. Each of us has a sister and 30 fi rst cousins across
the globe!”