Nano-Scale 'Dream Team': 3 MIT Professors Use Tiniest Of Tools Against Cancer

May 15, 2017

Three MIT professors are innovating at the tiniest possible scale, developing tools to see, target and kill cancer cells before they can cause any harm.

The dream team made up of the Koch Institute’s Sangeeta Bhatia, Angela Belcher, and Paula Hammond is making substantial advances in cancer research on the nano-scale. As part of the all-star faculty at the KI's Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine (where Bhatia is the Director), this power trio combines their expertise in various scientific focuses and engineering disciplines to develop a theranostic—a combination diagnostic and therapy—from nanomaterials to detect tumors at their earliest stages and destroy them before they become threatening. In a new segment for WBUR 90.0 FM, these three dedicated women talk about the possibilities of nanomedicine in the fight against cancer and how they aim to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.