Sangeeta Bhatia winner of the 2017 Catalyst Award

September 27, 2017

Each year, the Science Club for Girls community comes together for the Catalyst Awards, which recognize outstanding leadership in advancing the mission of Science Club for Girls to foster excitement, self-confidence and science literacy for girls. Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia was announced as one of the winners of the Catalyst Awards.


“For more than two decades Science Club for Girls (SCFG) has provided girls from underserved populations with the support, mentorship and community essential for increasing awareness, interest and persistence in the STEM fields. In a way, SCFG has become a “catalyst” for our girls’ engagement with STEM. The Catalyst Awards are an opportunity to reflect on our organization’s achievements and celebrate the trailblazers—the catalysts for change, if you will—who make our work possible,” said SCFG Board Chair, Uche Amaechi.


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